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ESP8089 2015-11-02


  1. Denis Gricina
    If you use a low-memory pad/tv-box or other machines which based on ESP8089,
    you may need this program.

    When some low-memory(normally less than 512MB) machine boot up, more android application
    will run, so remain memory may be a lttle less, in this case, you may run this
    program in the period when linux kernel boot. This program may pre-alloc enough
    memory, then ESP8089 driver will get memory from ESP_PREALLOC rather than kernel
    call such as kmalloc.

    We suggest you use built-in of esp_prealloc, not *.ko. But the "Makefile" in the tgz
    package is base on *.ko", so you may alter the makefile to fit your built-in environment.

    You can get the detail use case is in the <<esp8089_release_v1.xx.pdf>>.