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  1. kissste

    SDK 4.0a

    SDK Ameba 4.0A without NDA has been released. There should be a support for RTL8710BN (ameba-z series). https://www.amebaiot.com/en/questions/forum/sdk-ameba1-v4-0a/ sdk-ameba-v4.0a_without_NDA.zip
  2. kissste

    Raw Wifi Packets

    I'm playing with raw wifi packets. wext_send_mgnt function sends packets, but after a certain time/number of messages it stops and then the chip reboots. wext_send_mgnt function calls iw_ioctl function which calls rltk_wlan_control that call a ROM function problem here is that it stops and...
  3. kissste


    Hi there, I'm playing with deepsleep, using the lastest version of @pvvx SDK 3.5.2 from github 1/ this work well - by timer deepsleep_ex(DSLEEP_WAKEUP_BY_TIMER, sleep_ms); with the exception of the LED shining.... 2/ but this one DSLEEP_WAKEUP_BY_GPIO | DSLEEP_WAKEUP_BY_TIMER appears to...
  4. kissste

    Arduino/RTL00 on x64 Linux

    I'm trying to run Ardunio with Ameba Board and RTL00 (RTL8710) on x64 Linux. To install, I have modified the board .json file, simply added ameba_tools block for x64.pc-linux https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kissste/Ameba.x64.linux/master/package_realtek.com_ameba_index.json Unfortunately...
  5. kissste

    SPI DMA and toggling CS

    I'm having trouble with toggling CS pin when running SPI in DMA mode. It does not toggle/switch CS when if I keep supplying continuous DMA stream (on an interrupt send a next DMA). I would like it be able to specify that I want it switch/toggle CS once one DMA transfer is finished. The only...
  6. kissste

    RTL8710 VGA Driver

    Runs resolution 800x600 @63Hz at Pixel frequency 41.33MHz. Using 2 SPIs channels - one for video signal, second one for H-Sync One GPIO for V-Sync GitHub - kissste/rtl8710_VGA_Display_Driver: VGA Driver for RTL8710, RTL8711 and RTL8195 SoC https://goo.gl/photos/ztxVsQsS6xFEcsJM6
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