Xiaomi Lywsd03mmc connecting Waterproof DS18B20 Temperature Sensor


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Hello, i hope you don't mind me joining and asking for some assistance on this ..

I am trying to add a Waterproof DS18B20-compatible Temperature Sensor to a Lywsd03mmc. I have setup the sensors by following the ATC_MiThermometer guides and MQTT but these sensors detect air temp / humid. I'd like to solder on this sensor so it can solely detect temperature in an aquarium so i can view remotely.

https://github.com/atc1441/ATC_MiThermometer/blob/master/ATC_Thermometer/sensor.c - I plan on editing this with Arduino code to read the sensor but i'm struggling to work out the wiring, where would the data cable from the sensor attach? Red connects to 3-5V - already know, Blue / Black connects to ground - already know but Yellow / White is data - not sure where this would attach.

Is it possible?

Data sheet here: http://wiki.telink-semi.cn/doc/ds/DS_TLSR8251-E_Datasheet%20for%20Telink%20BLE+IEEE802.15.4%20Multi-Standard%20Wireless%20SoC%20TLSR8251.pdf

1624545631883.png 1624546999739.png PcbSide.jpg

Thanks in advance.
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