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ESPRESSIF System released ESP IoT SDK v1.3.0 with AT v0.40 — Aug 8 2015

esp_iot_sdk_v1.3.0_15_08_08 Release Note
Resolved Issues(Bugs below are eligible for Bug Bounty Program):
1.Device can’t connect to router after it gets ssid and password when using ESPTOUCH with router’s ssid hidden. [冯智]
2.Format string of os_random can’t be supported by atoi. [杨朝位]
3.Optimized os_printf seems to have an issue on 4 bytes aligned and other valuable suggestions. [Andrey Filimonov]
4.SmartConfig can’t get IP address after connected to router. [孙大明]

1.Memory optimization to save 12KBytes!
2.Optimize RF calibration to short the booting time,more details in documentation «2A-ESP8266__IOT_SDK_User_Manual» chapter «Appendix».
3.Optimize Wi-Fi function to solve issue that ESP8266 may fail to connect to a special router.
4.Optimize software timer to solve the a connecting problem.
Please do not call «os_delay_us» or «while» or «for» to occupy CPU more than 10 ms in timer callback.
5.Optimize system_get_rst_info to obtain more accurate information about the start-up.
6.Optimize function of Wi-Fi scanning to be more reliable.
7.Optimize function of changing Wi-Fi mode to be more reliable.
8.Optimize WPS to improve connectivity.And WPS does not support WEP, it will return status «WPS_CB_ST_WEP».
9.Optimize Wi-Fi function to solve softAP multiple stations DHCP issue.
10.Optimize TCP in LAST_ACK status.
11.Optimize TLS to support SHA256, SHA384, SHA512.
12.Memory optimization during TLS hand-shaking.
13.Optimize OTA funtion to download big chunk of data.
14.Add CRC32 in OTA function.
Folder «tools» (\esp_iot_sdk_v1.3.0\tools) updated, please use the latest one, otherwise OTA will fail.
15.Optimize mDNS to support both softAP and station interfaces.
16.Optimize ESP-NOW, more details in «Add APIs»
17.Update SmartConfig to version 2.4.7
18.Remove «-O2» from makefile.
19.Optimize header files to improve compatibility, will not affect compilation.

Add APIs:
1.system_soft_wdt_feed : feed software watchdog
2.wifi_softap_get_dhcps_lease:get IP range of ESP8266 softAP DHCP server
esp_now_set_kok: set the secure key to encrypt ESP-NOW communication key
esp_now_register_send_cb: register ESP-NOW send callback
esp_now_unregister_send_cb: unregister ESP-NOW send callback

AT_v0.40 Release Note:
Note: For AT firmware to support FOTA, flash size need to be 1024KB or more than that.

1.Add parameter <max conn> in command «AT+CWSAP» to set the maximum number of connections allowed.

Esp Iot Sdk V1.3.0 15 08 08
Esp Iot Sdk V1.3.0 15 08 08
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4A-ESP8266  AT Instruction Set EN v0.40
4A-ESP8266 AT Instruction Set EN v0.40
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