Вышел ESP IoT SDK V0.9.3 21.11.2014



Espressif сегодня выпустила новую версию

ESP IoT SDK V0.9.3 21.11.2014

Видимо не за горами и новая версия AT.

esp_iot_sdk_v0.9.3_14_11_21 Release Note
1. Add license documentation of ESPRESSIF SDK
2. Add APIs to read and write RTC memory, and APIs to get RTC time.
3. Add APIs to swap UART0
4. Add API to read ADC, delete adc.c.
5. Add API to read spi flash id
6. Revise struct station_config, add bssid parameters to distinguish different AP with same ssid
Note: if station_config.bssid_set == 1 , station_config.bssid has to be set, or connection will fail. So in general, station_config.bssid_set need to be 0.
7. Revise struct scan_config, add scan_config.show_hidden to set whether scan APs which ssid is hidden or not; not scan, set scan_config.show_hidden to be 0.
Add bss_info.is_hidden in struct bss_info to show if this AP’s ssid is hidden.
8. Revise struct softap_config, add softap_config.ssid_len. If softap_config.ssid_len == 0, check ssid till find a termination characters; otherwise it depends on softap_config.ssid_len.
9. Revise API “wifi_softap_set_config” to take effect immediately, needs not restart to make the configuration enable any more.
10. Add APIs to set and get physical layer mode(802.11b/g/n)
11. Add APIs to enable and disable DHCP server of ESP8266 softAP
12. Add APIs to enable and disable DHCP client of ESP8266 station
13. Add API to set range of ip address that get from DHCP server
14. Add APIs to set and get how many TCP connections allowed at max.
15. Add APIs to set and get how many TCP clients allowed at max to a TCP server.
16. Revise “wifi_set_ip_info” and “wifi_set_macaddr” to take effect immediately.
17. Fix some bugs to make the software more reliable.